Indie Science Fiction Review Part 2

It’s been a while since I last posted any reviews here, and I’ve read a lot of indie SF since then. As the series editor of the Explorations collections, I’ve been so blessed to work with some of today’s top talent out there, and I’ve also become a big fan of many of them.

In the next two Explorations collections, I’m working with a lot of new authors, as well as ones who have been with me from the start. Here are some thoughts on a few of their books I’ve read in the past few months.

I’d heard of Felix Savage for a few years, and always saw his books on amazon. His crisp covers always drew me to them, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally tried one of his books. Freefall is the first book in the Earth’s Last Gambit series. In it we follow the lives of Jack, a former NASA pilot who is working with a friend on a new technology that would revolutionize space travel. Photographs around Europa show an unmoving alien craft and the world’s governments decide to work together to build a ship, the Spirit of Destiny, to send there to investigate. Enter Hannah, who is heading the engineering behind the ship, and Skyler a government guy with a gun who is sent to get what he needs. The book is such a great read; a perfect blend of story and characters, and I was blown away by it. As I write this review, I’m about 40% through the sequel Lifeboat, and loving it. This one is for fans of first contact, near future SF, with a hard science backing. Really great stuff.

Next I tried Scott Bartlett’s Supercarrier. Another great looking book with my main man Tom Edwards doing the covers for his series. This book was so much fun. We go to the opposite side of SF and one that I equally enjoy. This is space opera at its finest. We have Husher a man with a history of doing the right thing the wrong way, and a legacy name attached to him adding to the shadow looming over him. Above him is the old timer Keyes who has just the right amount of heart and guts to get the job done, no matter the odds. They are thrust into a universe with a bird race, an underwater world, and many more cool creatures. They are in the middle of an ancient Ixan prophecies coming to fruition, and every time they turn around someone is changing sides, and upping the stakes. This book gave me that escape that I long for when reading space opera, and I can’t wait to make my way to the sequel.

Robert Campbell’s New Providence series is just great. I was lucky enough to beta read the newest book Seedfall a couple months ago, and the book has been out for a month now. This is the third of the series and I couldn’t get enough of this book. The first two were mostly in space, and this one we got to see more of the Mars colony, and without giving too much away, we have something flash down to the surface. Is it from old earth, is it alien, and how can it be related to what was after the ships in the first two books. I love the direction this book took, and I’m ready for the next book. So much so that once a week I have to ask Rob if he’s done yet. If you haven’t tried these, the first two are only 0.99 each for the rest of the month. Do yourself a favor…read them!

Albion Lost is a new series for Richard Fox of Ember War fame. I grabbed this as soon as it came out and devoured over few days. Fox has created a new universe, with a monarchy, and some truly great characters with flaws and meaning. I really liked the direction, and was swept away at the merge of military and space opera. What happens when an unknown ancient race appears guns blazing? We find out here. The second just came out and I have it waiting to be read alongside so many other awesome indie books.

So one thing to note here is all of these authors have either been in Explorations collections, or soon will be. Explorations: War is coming out in around a month’s time, and will be followed by Explorations: Colony later this fall. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and line-ups! They are ambitious and amazing collections of SF awesomeness. I hope you find something here to try, and don’t forget to support indie, and small press. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, do it now and get Explorations: Through the Wormhole for free. Also you will get emails every couple months with deals on all the above authors and many more. Until next time!

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