Sleepy Grove: A Paranormal Thriller

Recently I finished the first draft of my second ever novel, and I thought I would do a quick little blog about it. I haven’t been very active here lately, mainly because I’m crazy busy with everything. I’m working on producing two Explorations collections, the next one is due out at the end of July (I’m aiming for), and the next this fall, or early winter. Then there is my own writing.

I finished The Event and have almost finished going through edits. I still have a few little scenes to rework, then it will go back to the editor for another (and hopefully final) round of love.

In the meantime I’m working on the sequel to The Event, but in the middle came Sleepy Grove.

I know all the advice I get is to stick to a genre. So SciFi is the lane I’m sticking my car into, but I’ve had this story in me for a few years, and had to get it out.

A working description:

Rose Mae has seen spirits since she was a little girl. Life hasn’t been easy, and she moves to Sleepy Grove, a bedroom community, where little ever happens, to run the local cemetery. 

It isn’t long after she arrives that a young girl goes missing. In an effort to be part of the community, Rose joins the search party. When she is the one to find the young girl’s body, and lingering spirit, she realises that she alone can find the man responsible for taking an innocent life. Rose takes her once shameful gift, and uses it to get justice for the dead. 

Only there is something bigger coming to Sleepy Grove, and now she has to team up with some of the cemetery residents, a crook, and the local detective to stop something unimaginable before its too late.

The book stemmed from a short story I wrote a few years ago, and that 3500 word short essentially became the first 10K of the book as I fleshed it out and added characters and other plot lines. This was a fun project because I also had started writing the book before my SF one, and stopped at 20K words. I took that main outline, and when I started the book again, I rewrote it from the start, vastly improving the story.

Once I have a first draft of my SF sequel (which I’m currently only at 8k words), I’m going to start working on revisions of Sleepy Grove. I’m really proud of this book, and hope to one day be able to share it with the world.

Two novels down, and working on the third. I’m actually starting to think I can do this!

With any luck, it won’t be three more months for me to post another blog here.

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