Indie Science Fiction Reviews!

What is it about indie science fiction that keeps the readers eating it up? The gossip from the publishing world is that SciFi is on a downhill trend, though I think that is only from the large guys, and their market share is being gobbled up by the indie authors. Go to amazon and you will find countless spaceship covers selling hundreds of copies a day. It is a cool time for the publishing world, and I’m intrigued to see where it takes us. I personally have started to read a lot more of this myself and my kindle is filling up with some great indie books. I read Nick Webb, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Daniel Arenson, Richard Fox, and countless others but a few have stood out for me recently so I wanted to do a little spot light on them on my blog.

I was told by one of my favorites, Ralph Kern, that I had to read Trajectory by Robert M Campbell. He claimed it was one of the best debut novels he’s read, and I didn’t take that lightly. The premise was awesome. Earth is a thing of the past. He hints at an AI takeover, but doesn’t get into details so I eagerly await learning more about that. We are taken to a colony on Mars called New Providence, where the last of humanity resides. Four ships are off on a mining excursion when some students spot a strange object heading toward one of the ships. Originally they think it an asteroid but its movements convince them otherwise. Now they think the object wants to destroy their ships, and they have to fight to get home in one piece. This book was a great read. I said it in my review that Campbell brought to mind a new generation Arthur C Clarke and I meant it. I’m really looking forward to the second book!

Along the same vein, I just read the chart topping Mars Endeavour by the always great Peter Cawdron. He also tells a story about a colony on mars, but one of an exploratory nature unlike Campbell’s. When they get news feeds that nukes are going off all over Earth, they start to panic. Then the lines of communication are cut. Stranded on Mars with no idea what will become of them, Liz tries to keep the four colony groups cohesive as all hell breaks out. It is a quick read, but a really solid one that any SF fan would greatly enjoy.

I also read Earth Alone last month by Daniel Arenson. This is one of the biggest books of the year in the indie SF world I think. He quickly released the series of three books, and they are all still on top of the charts. He cited that millions of pages have been read on the Kindle lending program which is quite amazing. It was a fun, coming-of-age invasion story that seems to get a lot of play, but his take was a good one. I liked the characters, and since he’s Canadian, I liked all his references to hockey, and countless other crazy canuck things. If you want a fast-paced, boot camp for teens with a side of alien attacks, this is your book!

Then I read an Advanced Review Copy of Liberator by Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock. I haven’t read a lot of co-written books. This one was a cool read. It was a futuristic, corporate run universe with some real ass-kicking characters. The Liberators were once a powerful group, but since they disbanded eight years ago, JJ has been waiting for the moment to get back to action. He gets his chance when one of their own is captured and needs their help to be saved. This book is over the top macho at times, but I really enjoyed that about it. It starts with a bang and never lets up. What a cool debut book.

So those are my recent indie SF reads, and they were all worthy of a purchase. I am working with some of these authors now as well with the collaborative newsletter site I’m part of, so please sign up for awesome news on ebook deals from some of the best indie SF authors out there

Oh and don’t forget to give Explorations: Through the Wormhole a try!


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