My upcoming stories…

My blog can be a bit of a random thing, coming sporadically as I juggle a bunch of things at once in my life. I do interviews sometimes, book or movie reviews, and talk about my publishing company Woodbridge Press. Today I wanted to talk about one of the things I’m most passionate about. Badminton…I mean, writing.

I haven’t had a lot of writing time recently, but I still seem to have accomplished a bit with it. As many of you know, I have finished my first draft of my very first full length novel. I’ve been working on revising and filling in plot holes on that before I send to any beta readers for thoughts. It’s a SF invasion story written in first person, so I have to hope that people like the character or at least the plot. There is nothing hard science about it so I still need to do a little research on that side, and in it our heroes travel to south america via automobile, boat, and train, so I have a lot of geographical issues I need to iron out.

For my short story writing, I have a few projects coming to see the light soon.

First, if you haven’t been keeping up with it, I am doing a monthly serial at Kraxon Magazine. The First Colony – Arrival

The First Colony is a story about Earth finding a new home after ours suffers from political turmoil and nuclear desecration. The Union puts all Earth’s resources into finding a new planet, and set off with a small part of the population to start over, leaving the rest behind to certain eventual demise. Each episode leaves us with a slight cliff-hanger as Grant explores the planet and Bilson, the Commander of the ship Seeker, realizes that something isn’t quite right with the whole situation. Please give it a try and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them! It’s more challenging than I expected to write 12 – 1000 word sections but very rewarding.

I recently had a story called A Walk in the Park come out in an ebook collection in the 9 Tales Told in the Dark series. See it here. Bodies have been piling up in Central Park and a ghost hunting crew wants to catch the spirit they think is doing it on film. Our Main Character is just there because his new girlfriend is into that type of thing. With some twists and turns you won’t want to miss this one, and it takes place in my favorite setting to date.

aliens Next up we have Island Visit in the upcoming Aliens anthology from Tickety Boo Press. I have been told this is just in formatting at this point and should be released soon. This story is about four people who take a ferry to the real setting of Bowen Island outside of Vancouver, BC and when they get there, no one is around…. That’s when things start to get strange. If you enjoy a creepy, tension-filled story with aliens, this one is for you! I got the idea for this after visiting the island myself. It was easy to picture the scenes after being there. The beautiful harbour, salmon streams, and lush, green grass…no aliens when I went though. Maybe next time.

Last but not least, I have some news I’m really excited to share. I subbed a story called Three Words to a really cool looking collection from Flame Tree. A great author I’ve been lucky enough to share some Table of Contents with, Gwendolyn Kiste was published with them last year and I was very impressed with the product they put out. When I saw a submission call for Crime and Mystery stories, I thought I had something almost along those lines. They said it could have a touch of supernatural. Mine was about a demon hunter, and it more than bordered supernatural, it was a first person urban fantasy story. So with the odds against me I submitted to them. I was on holidays when I got the email saying they’d selected my story to be included into the book. I was extremely shocked and happy to be part of this collection, and I really look forward to holding the hardcover version they will be sending me. It is up for presale and is sold as hardcover only. See it Here

crime and mystery

So that’s all I have for you today, but thanks for listening to me go on about my upcoming publications. I have a few more things in the pipeline so with any luck, I will have another batch of updates later this year.


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