The Road to Woodbridge

I’ll be honest with you all. If you told me three years ago that I would be starting a publishing company, I would think you were crazy. The thing is, I find myself surrounded by so much talent in the writing community I am part of, that now I can only wonder how I couldn’t do this.

It’s officially out there for the world to see now. Woodbridge Press is open for business. It is a small press, and with that you will get only a few publications a year, but we will make sure they are great books from great writers.

Books have always been a huge part of my life. When I was six my paper bird circled around the ‘Read Books’ tally around my grade one classroom, winning me the book award. I used to write stories non-stop as a child and I still have some of the notebooks with them at my house. There was rarely a day my mom didn’t have a paperback by her side, and I fed off of that from a young age.

I can’t think of a better venture for me than Woodbridge Press. It is something so close to my heart. When I’m not reading, or writing, I will now be working on publishing projects, and it all just feels so right.

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel Cover 1.jpg

The idea for The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel came at the strangest time and I don’t think I have shared this with anyone yet. My wife and I were sitting at a pub for lunch in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. I didn’t see Daredevil but I did get an idea for a collection of stories. My initial idea was for me to write a series of shorts set in a single hotel. I let it marinate in my mind and then went on to walk my burger off in the 95 degree heat. When I got home and thought further on it, I decided it would be much better as a joint effort and if I was going to do that, then why not expedite my dream of starting a small press? From there I invited a few select people I really wanted to be part of the project and asked for a few suggestions along the way. What we are left with is a great mix of writers, some horror focussed and the ones who don’t traditionally write horror did such a great job, that you wouldn’t know it.

I am ambitious but also a cautious person, and will be taking slow steps for the first year. I have some amazing projects coming up and I will give a teaser of the follow-up projects to The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel here today.

The second collection from Woodbridge is expected to be published late this fall. It is a Science Fiction collection by some of today’s very best small press and self-published authors in the industry. It is called Explorations: Through the Wormhole.

Explorations title.jpg

The third project is a fantasy collection and the line-up once again blows me out of the water. It is tentatively titled, The Journey. If the early stories from this are an indication of the book as a whole, I think we have a bestseller on our hands!

So stay tuned for news on all of these projects here and at  or @woodbridgepress



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